Quick setup

DiagonAlley is a stand alone wallet. Meaning everything you need to run this wallet is contained in the app.

This bundle is available on

  • Windows
  • OSX
  • Linux

The purpose of the document is an overview of DiagonAlley.io wallet itself, not of grin as a protocal. For more generic info visit:

https://github.com/mimblewimble/docs/wiki (For information about GRIN)

Your wallet password

While running, your wallet is maintaing live access to the private keys of your wallet. However these are disposed when shutdown! Every time you open this app we must first decrypt your wallets seed file. This process is native to grin-wallet. You can find the encrypted seed file at


NOTE: Your password can NOT be recovered by anyone! If you fail to backup your wallet recovery will be impossible!

initialize a new wallet

On setup the wallet will do a few things behind the scenes we will go over. But it also requires you to take action!

Please note: It is always best pratice to store a seed phrase backup securely. The general best practice is writing this mnemonic phrase down on paper. And storing it in safe place. with this seed phrase never being stored digitally!

Backup your wallet


An example seed

For more info releated to storing seeds

Your username


Grin transactions require the recipient to sign a transaction slate. This generally means a user needs to be online and reachable via the open internet to transact. However! DiagonAlley.io (this site) provides a service, allowing payment routing. Any User who is online can receive payments via


This username allows you to be reachable without port forwarding and is similar to ngrok. For users wishing to transact and receive payments without being online we are actively working on wallet713 support. This will allow support for grinbox(Currently Linux/OSX only)

Usernames are permanent, and tied to a config generated on your local machine.

How do I get grin?

Here is a list of exchanges that support grin


Coming Soon



Verify that your wallets node height is equal then the remote node.


A valid Destination is a fully qualified username from diagonalley.io. Any domain name reachable from the open internet is valid. (and checked prior to send attempt). This includes ngrock urls and destinations given by exchanges


Locked balances

After you send a transaction (and when you first receive a transaction) This transaction is locked by the wallet and unable for sending. The average wait time being 10minutes due the 10 confirmation target and 1 minute blocktimes. However this can very.

If you feel your balance should be unlocked. try to refresh your wallet


HTTP payments protocol


At any time your reported balance appears wrong you can force a re-audit of you wallet. Via a "scan" button on front the of wallet.




You can view/edit your local configuration files


Running your own node!


DiagonAlley.io can be configured to point YOUR full node.

To Point at a local you can specify that here


Wallet713 support


To enable wallet713 support you can select that here (experiential) Linux and OSX ONLY